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About Mahnaz Collection

MAHNAZ COLLECTION, is a design-oriented jewelry concern. It sells original, influential, fine vintage and artist made jewelry, primarily from the mid-to-late twentieth century.  Jewelry collections are built carefully in-house, charting the course of a maker's career for example, so that our clients may fully benefit from the historical and cultural legacy of their jewels. We also sell select estate and contemporary works. Increasingly, these are commissioned by us. Fine, fabulous, and fun, the range of MAHNAZ COLLECTION jewels are intended to be worn and experienced as an integral part of your contemporary life, one that contains different roles, moods, and tempos.

Our jewels are authentic North and South American and European design classics, innovative, finely crafted, often handmade, rich in color, and with a bold style. Important design ideas, explored in precious and semi-precious materials, shape the collection, and an evident artists eye or maker's hand is highly valued. We showcase work from high houses, artists and independent jewelers. We look for lost masters, research fully their stories, and share them with you. 

MAHNAZ COLLECTION is known for the quality, range and depth of our 1960s - 1980s works. We see these years as periods of abundant creativity, exploration, and innovation. Makers wrought deep changes in jewelry design and fashion, influenced by changing social norms, technology and economic conditions. They designed in diverse vocabularies: regular and formalist, organic and minimalist.

We sell works made by high houses, artists, independent jewelers and goldsmiths, including from: the United States (e.g. Tiffany, Cartier, Charles Loloma, Arthur King), Scandinavia (Tapio Wirkkala), Britain (Andrew Grima, Kutchinsky, Flockinger), Brazil (Roberto Burle Marx and Haroldo Burle Marx), France (Boucheron, Chaumet, Jean Vendome) Italy (Afro Basaldella, Franco Cannilla, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Paolo Spalla, Giorgio Facchini) and Switzerland (Paul Binder). We house a collection of exceptional vintage and contemporary Hopi, Navajo and pueblo modernist jewelry, an integral part of our American collection.


Brittany Ambridge, courtesy of 1stdibs Introspective Magazine

Brittany Ambridge, courtesy of 1stdibs Introspective Magazine

Mahnaz, a New Yorker, founded and directs the eponymous collection. Her eye was educated through early exposure to fine, traditional South Asian gold jewelry, enamel work, and gemstones including Swat emeralds, Burmese rubies, Afghan lapis lazuli, and Persian turquoise. Mahnaz was raised in an environment rich and varied in its cultural, artistic and architectural influences, from the Mughal, Persian, and western modernist worlds. She has traveled extensively and lived deeply in several cultures, finding joy in the beauty of landscape - especially that of the American southwest - and, of course, in original and unique jewels.

Mahnaz is a scholar, who holds a doctorate in international relations, a research training reflected in the ways she collects and curates jewels for clients.  Following an active career in foreign affairs, she established MAHNAZ COLLECTION. 

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