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About Mahnaz Collection

MAHNAZ COLLECTION sells jewelry made primarily during the mid-to-late twentieth century. Our jewels are authentic, original North and South American and European vintage design classics, finely crafted, largely handmade, rich in color, and with a bold, contemporary style. Strong design ideas shape the collection, and an evident maker's hand draws our eye. We showcase work from high houses, artists and independent jewelers. We look for lost masters, research their stories, and share them with you.

MAHNAZ COLLECTION is driven by color, especially that of rich, textured yellow gold. Our jewels display a choice vocabulary of gemstones, especially semi-precious ones, in varied cuts, from faceted to forma livre.  

We are known for the quality, range and depth of our late 1960s - 1980s works. We see these years as periods of abundant creativity, exploration, and innovation. Makers wrought deep changes in jewelry design and fashion, influenced by changing social norms, technology and economic conditions. They designed in diverse vocabularies: regular and formalist, organic and minimalist.

We sell Tiffany, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Chaumet, and other established house jewelry. We feature special collections of work made by artists and independent jewelers from: the United States, Scandinavia, Britain, Germany, Brazil (specifically the work of Roberto and Haroldo Burle Marx), Italy and Switzerland. We house an exceptional collection of vintage and contemporary Native American modernist jewelry, an integral part of our American collection. Among our most intriguing jewels are those that evoke diverse influences: the mix between high jewelry and street style; ethnic and modernist South Asian and European; and North African, European and Native American works.

Our gallery on East 57th Street is open daily by appointment. Here we hold jewelry exhibitions and evening salons. We also conduct private searches and help develop and document evolving collections.



We recognize the jewels that suit the tempos and emotional geographies of our complex and varied contemporary lives. Tiaras are not worn every day. Our jewels are wearable investments for collectors of jewelry, art and design. They are body-wear, carriers of our ancestral and emotional histories. Fine designed jewels can be our most intimate artworks, incomplete without their wearer. 

Sustainability & Philanthropy

Our collection seeks to preserve and promote existing objects of precious beauty, supports the reuse of existing materials, the protection of the environment and workforce, and responsible and ethical practices.

We support select philanthropic initiatives.

Client Relationships

At MAHNAZ COLLECTION we listen carefully, to understand your particular passions and way of life. We foster long-term relationships which are grounded in integrity, knowledge and service.  We sell the highest quality ensemble, fully research makers and jewelry, and effectively deploy our relationships with a global network of members of the jewelry trade. We are always available to provide follow-up service for your jewelry and answer any questions you may have. 


Brittany Ambridge, courtesy of 1stdibs Introspective Magazine

Brittany Ambridge, courtesy of 1stdibs Introspective Magazine

Mahnaz curates the eponymous collection. Her eye was educated through early exposure to fine, traditional South Asian gold jewelry, enamel work, and gemstones including Swat emeralds, Burmese rubies, Afghan lapis lazuli, Sri Lanka sapphires, and Persian turquoise. Mahnaz's personal environment was rich in its architectural modernism, and in its creative cultural and artistic traditions. She is a citizen of the world, having traveled globally and lived deeply in several cultures. Her appreciation for the beauty in landscape - especially that of the American southwest - and for design, as well as small sculptural objects, help inform the way Mahnaz selects jewels. 

Mahnaz is a scholar, educated at Wellesley College, and recipient of advanced degrees, including a doctorate, in international relations. Following an active twenty-five years in the foreign affairs field, she established MAHNAZ COLLECTION. A New Yorker committed to non-profit service, Mahnaz values family, friendships and laughter, and the company of French bulldogs - especially two named Chace and Cleopatra.

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