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Mahnaz Collection Blog

Mahnaz Collection is a New York based fine vintage jewelry collection

Spotlight: November Birthstone Jewelry

Mahnaz Ispahani

With cooler temperatures on their way, the birthstones, topaz and citrine, bring a much needed warmth and brightness to the month of November. Both citrine and topaz are associated with healing powers, good fortune and abundance.

The ancient Egyptians and Romans identified topaz with the Sun God, thus giving it the power to protect and heal. Citrine, too, is often called the "healing quartz", with the ability to calm those who wear it. Citrine has the added advantage of having long been viewed as the "merchants stone" for its ability to attract wealth, success and good fortune.

Find your November beauties among these jewels currently in our collection:


A citrine and gold collar necklace, by Sigurd Persson, c. 1960.

A pair of citrine and gold earrings, by Helen Woodhull, 1981.

A blue topaz and gold bracelet, by Haroldo Burle Marx