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Mahnaz Collection Blog

Mahnaz Collection is a New York based fine vintage jewelry collection

The Iris Apfel Documentary by Albert Maysles Has Arrived

Mahnaz Ispahani

Image from  Elle Decor .

Image from Elle Decor.

Iris loves turquoise jewelry and wears it freely, in quantity. As do we. (Contact us for a variety of available examples for the ears, fingers and neck.) Mahnaz learned about Persian turquoise early in life, from her Persian grandmother, who showed her what a fine stone should look like: a pure blue, no matrix.  One of the most ancient of gems, turquoise was mined earliest perhaps in Khorasan, Persia (now Iran), and brought by the Turks to Europe - hence, turquoise... The architecturally splendid Islamic mosques of Central Asia, theburial mask of the young Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen, and the the Indian Mughal emperor Shah Jahan's love letter in stone, the Taj Mahal, have all used turquoise extensively and to exquisite architectural and ornamental effect. In her contemporary New Mexico home, Mahnaz continues to engage with her passion for turquoise and seeks out vintage and contemporary Native American turquoise jewelry. The stone has been mined across the southwestern United States, including in Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico whose Cerrillos mines are thought to be among the oldest. Only a very few mines are operational today.  Fine turquoise is becoming extremely rare.  

Below, an unusual, large, 14 karat gold, turquoise native American squash blossom necklace with an attendant pair of earrings.