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Mahnaz Collection Blog

Mahnaz Collection is a New York based fine vintage jewelry collection

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Mahnaz Ispahani


Wishes You Happy Holidays!

Celebrate the season with us and see the new jewelry, just in.

The gallery is open Monday - Friday, 12-6 pm

Please visit.


A diamond, rutilated quartz, and 18 karat gold collar and earring set, by Jean Vendome, c. 1980. $45,000


A diamond and textured and polished 18 karat gold wide bracelet and collar, by David Morris, 1965 and 1966. Price upon request

Gifts in Gold


A diamond and gold "Sunflower" brooch, by Tapio Wirkkala, 1974. $13,500


A pair of vermeil "Groseilles" earrings, by Claude Lalanne, c. 1980. $7,000


An 18 karat gold necklace, by Nanna Ditzel for Georg Jensen, c. 1965. $30,000


An 18 karat gold link bracelet, by Jaume Mercadé, c. 1935. $17,000

A pavé-set diamond, ruby and 18 karat yellow and white gold flexible snake bracelet, by the House of Masenza, Rome c.1950. $42,500


Featured Artist: Paolo Spalla

Paolo Spalla was an Italian goldsmith and sculptor, who began creating jewelry in 1960. Spalla lived and worked on the River Po in northern Italy and often incorporated stones from the river into his unique jewels.


A one of a kind diamond, ebony, and 18 karat gold ring, by Paolo Spalla, c. 1960, $9,500. An enamel, patinated steel and 18 karat gold cuff, by GianCarlo Montebello, c. 1980, $14,000


A pair of diamond, pink quartz, and 18 karat gold ear clips, by Paolo Spalla, c. 1975. $15,000


A baroque pearl, diamond, and 18 karat gold ring, by Paolo Spalla, c. 1960. $13,000


A diamond and 18 karat gold cuff, by Paolo Spalla. $18,000

Ring in the New Year


A selection of rings in lapis lazuli, coral, black jade and turquoise, by San Felipe, New Mexico jeweler, Richard Chavez, 1982-2018, sizes 6 - 8. $2,900 - $7,500


A bi-colored blue/green tourmaline, sapphire, vitreous enamel, and 22 karat gold Jodhpur Miniature Leaf ring, by Alice Cicolini, 2017. $7,600


A pink tourmaline, vitreous enamel, and 22 karat gold Jodhpur Miniature Petal Ring, by Alice Cicolini, 2017. $7,300


Spotlight: July 4th

Mahnaz Ispahani

Here’s a fitting piece of jewelry to celebrate July 4th: a man on the moon brooch made of 18 karat yellow and white gold, and enamel. Designed to commemorate the first moon landing by American spaceflight Apollo 11 in 1969, this brooch was designed by the Belgian jewelers Pierre & Jacques Leysen soon after the landing. Only 10 of the brooches were made. (One of these brooches was given as a gift to President Nixon in 1969, his first year in office.) 

An 18k yellow and white gold and enamel moon landing brooch, by Pierre & Jacques Leysen.

February is the Month for Gifts

Mahnaz Ispahani

As Emily Dickinson famously wrote, “The heart wants what it wants.” Let us all celebrate love and caring this month and throughout the year.

Our featured piece this month is this unusual hammered gold cuff, based on the myth of Vulcan’s forge. 

18k hammered gold and diamond hinged cuff, by Farkas

18k hammered gold and diamond hinged cuff, by Farkas

The offspring of Jupiter and Juno, Vulcan was the god of fire and volcanoes, whose forge stands beneath Mt. Aetna, in Sicily. In Greek mythology, this mighty metal smith created not only shields and armor, but also fantastic jewels, and is often shown with hammers and anvils, and other tools of his trade. Velázquez and Tintoretto painted Vulcan. Giorgio Vasari made masterly drawings and also painted him. Closer to our cuff is the Venetian, Palma Giovane’s, painting “Venus and Cupid at Vulcan’s Forge” (1610).  

On our bracelet putti, little cherubs, toil as Vulcan’s able assistants, perhaps helping him make a necklace for his mother or a bracelet for his wife, Venus.